The essence of our olive oil lies in the passion of those who work it.

We love our work. We believe that olive cultivation is the expression of an art that is part of the harmonious relationship between man and nature.

It is an historical heritage that the Mill Evo del Borgo carries with love.

We cultivate three different kind of olives: Rasara (an indigenous variety of Arquà Petrarca Village), Leccino and Matosso.

In add, you can find wines (prosecco, serprino, cabernet and muscat), natural jams, honey, chocolates made with extra virgin olive oil. All these products are produced in our Mill.

Our philosophy is focus on the quality!

We wanted to respect this teaching and built the mill near the vineyards and olive groves.

Our choice was dictated by the desire to make an extra virgin olive oil that is authentic, natural, natural, without dispersing its organoleptic qualities.

The time employed between the harvest process and the squeeze of the olives is very short. In this way, the real Italian extravergine olive oil is created!

The result of the traditional method is a sweet and homogenous oil.

In the traditional method, we use a three-wheels mill that reduces grinding time, avoiding the oxidation and the possible alteration of the final oil

Thanks to the modern techniques, we get scented oils with a decided taste.

In this way, the bitter perception is greatly reduced, enhancing the taste of the oil.

Creating oil from freshly harvested olives creates a product rich in flavours, authenticity and quality.

The golden-green oil that is obtained is a sort of olive juice that gives, when tasted, the true scent of the fruit that created it, with all the organoleptic qualities.

Olive oil has always been considered a valuable, rich and important food. We create a superior quality oil, an extra virgin olive oil that transmits to all its healthy properties to those who drink it.

Olive oil defends or prevents our body from developing health problems, such as digestive diseases, bone aging, cardiovascular diseases, atherosclerosis and certain cancers.

EVO oil contains polyphenols, which are healthy components and give it the characteristic flavour. They have antioxidant properties. They reduce bad blood cholesterol (LDL) circulating in the blood making it more fluid and with less risk of heart attacks. In cases of overweight or obesity, the oleic acid activates the fat disposal mechanisms.

It is very useful in the diet of children and older people.

To produce our Extra Virgin Olive Oil, we combined the tradition and the innovation techniques through the use of two methods of milling in order to enhance all the organoleptic characteristics that make the oil a healthier and valuable food: the scent, the flavour, the aroma, and the richness of nutritive substances.