This is the last wine produced by the Callegaro family. It is a high-quality wine, drinkable, light, with a floral flavour.
It is an “extra dry” sparkling aromatic wine.
On the palate, you can perceive the marked acidity and the crispy bouquet with flavour of apples and orange blossoms. We suggest serving it cool, from 6 to 8°C.

It goes well with dishes with chicken, fish, vegetables, appetizer.


COLOUR: straw yellow with golden reflexes.

PARFUME: elegant bouquet. You can perceive the scent of honey, apples and wildflowers.

TASTE: fresh, with a quiet level of acidity


Our Muscat is an aromatic wine, elegant and with a qood intensity.

It is created by muscat grapes produced in the heart of the Euganean Hills. We do late harvest and the grapes are sometimes dried on the vine.

Tne name “Muscat” means “muschio”, because it remeber the fresch and sweet scent of muschio.

It is distinguished by its yellow color, with golden and intense reflecs that recalls the sun at sunset. On the palate it is still,dry, with an amazing scent of tropical fruits:oranges, sage, rosmary, ananas, orange blossom, litchi, peaches and apricots.

On the past it is used a lot during the private party of nobles of the Venice Republic.

It goes well with hard cheeses, shell fish, desserts made with chocolate, almond and nuts. We suggest serving it cool, from 10 to 12°C.


COLOUR: golden yellow.

PARFUME: elegant bouquet. You can perceive the scent of honey, orange blossom, litchi, sage, rosmary.

TASTE: fresh, dry, with aroma of oranges, ananas, apricots


The red wine of Frantoio Evo is the perfect union of two grpes more used in the Euganean Hills: Cabernet e Merlot.

That grapes rappresent the maximum expression of this territory. The harvest is in the end of september. The bouquet is delicately vinous, with an caratteristic balsamic note of red fruits, plum, cherries and ribes. The color is ruby ​​red with brilliant reflections.

It has a good persistence and on the palate it is clean and velvety. It goes well with hard cheeses, salami, first dishes with meat souce, roast meats.

We suggest serving it at 16°C.


COLOUR: ruby red.

PARFUME: elegant and velvety bouquet. You can perceive red fruits like cherry, marasca cherry, plum, ribes.

TASTE: warm, dry, with aroma of red fruits (plum and cherry) and red flowers.


Born from the Glera grape typical of the Euganean Hills, our Serprino is characterised by the mineral taste of alluvial soils with volcanic rocks.
Serprino, the ‘cousin’ of Prosecco, but with a cheerful and definite character, has a pale-yellow colour with green shades. The foam is white with an elegant and stimulating effervescence. Serprino has a fresh and fruity scent, with scents of white flowers and white pulp fruits like white peaches, apple and pear.

It can be delicate and feminine, as it was the favourite wine of Livia, wife of Emperor Augustus. The taste is dry and crunchy with a fresh finish.

It goes well with fish, chicken,italian salami and light cheese.
We suggest serving it cool, from 6 to 8°C.


COLOUR: straw yellow with green reflections.

PARFUME: fragrant, the bouquet is floral and delicate. Elegant.

TASTE: persistent freshness, with a mineral note that reflects the volcanic soil where it is cultivated.