Contains Extra Virgin Olive Oil and 100% italian chilli pepper

This special seasoning comes from the combination of typical ingredients of the Mediterranean cuisine: extra virgin olive oil and chilli pepper. Two simple ingredients that together give us all the pleasure of Italian cuisine. The dressing we produce is delicately spicy, pleasing both to the eye and to the palate, and enhances the flavour of your dishes.
Our olives that we worked in our Mill in the Euganean Hills of Arquà Petrarca.


The cultivators use mainly the Rasara olive, typical of this area, and the Leccino, which gives a characteristic flavour to the oil. Olives are harvested and grounded in the pressing process together with the red pepper, a 100% Italian chilli pepper. Our seasoning is different from the others you can find because in that the pepper is not added to the finished oil, but instead is grounded with the olives.
The result? Along with the extraction of the oil from the olives, an essential oil extract from the chilli is obtained. Only in this way can we obtain a complete union of the two ingredients and obtain the maximum organoleptic qualities of the chili. The final product is characterized by a pleasant orange colour, an intense aroma and a delicate spiciness.


The packaging, elegant and linear, makes it the ideal product to give to friends or show off for a special dinner or lunch. This seasoning will give the right balance and accompaniment to croutons with salami or dried tomatoes, pizzas and pastas and red meat courses.
Seasoning with chili pepper and evo oil
olive e peperoncino