Fruit jams


natural jams without added sugar.





The hills and fruit trees are a perfect combination: right habitat, right temperature and with a little patience and in the right season, walking through the Euganean Hills, you can see and feel the colors and the scents of the fruit trees that they give apricots, peaches and prunes. Not forgetting then the strawberries that ripen red and tasty in the hills. These fruits have accompanied the afternoons of our childhood and finally we found the right recipe to find the true taste of the fruit, without alterations due to sweeteners or dyes: the pulp of the fruit (we offer the choice between apricot, peach, plum and strawberry), concentrated apple juice, pectin and citric acid. Nothing more. We believe that our jams are the fruit in a jar, simply ready to spread. Normally in the jams the sugar value is quite high compared to the percentage of fruit present. For the compotes instead, it is the fruit that prevails and the product is even more genuine and suitable even for those who can not afford a diet rich in sugars. Our compounds therefore release the taste of the fruit: the fruit is tasty and naturally sweet, as is the compote and being practically free of sugars – if not those physiologically present in the fruit that compose it (composed, in fact) – can be tasted on several occasions: breakfasts, quick and tasty snacks or to enrich colorful tarts. The compotes are presented as a full-bodied fruit cream but easy to spread and this is given by the process with which cone created: the fruit is completely blended and homogeneous, without lumps or residual pieces. We consider our compotes a sort of fruit cream.

INFO Natural product without colorings, preservatives or flavors. Net weight: 320 g.

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Apricot Jam, Peache jam, Strawberry jam, Plum hjam


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