Our sale of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Direct sale to Arquà Petrarca (Padua – Italy) and online

Oliveti ad Arquà Petrarca

For 3 generations the Callegaro family has cultivated all their olive groves in Arquà Petrarca with awareness and attention. In addition to its cultivation, it also sells extra virgin olive oil.

Thanks to the precious and prestigious territory of the Euganean Hills, our olive groves enjoy clean air and meticulous care.

Our sale of extra virgin olive oil has as its objective to make you know and appreciate the true taste of EVO oil.

We take care of all the stages: from cultivation to harvesting, to production up to sale of our oil.

We grow 4 important varieties: Rasara, Leccino, Pendolino e Frantoio.

Thanks to special rakes and crushers we shake the olives from the trees, and with nets stretched out on the ground we collect them and provide an immediate transport in the mill for milling.

After defoliating and washing, the olives are crushed, producing a pulpy paste with an intense aroma.Then we proceed with the grinding and finally the extraction of our green oil that will then be bottled.

For us it is not simply the sale of EVO oil, but the diffusion of the culture of italian extra virgin olive oil.

Roberto control olive trees


You can buy our oil directly at the oil mill in Arquà Petrarca, or in our shop online.

Punto vendita evo del borgo