We are the protagonists of our products and of our healthy ingredients. We don’t altered the ingredients by dyes or other artificial ones, so we wanted to make known to the consumer those olives that allow us to produce high quality.

So, in jars of about 180g, you can find our oives.

immersed in the same EVO oil, with the addition of a pinch of salt, suitable for appetizing appetizers and great for flavoring meat dishes, fish or salty salad. The olives, immersed in their own oil, are enriched with flavor and at the same time they release the rustic and authentic taste of freshly harvested olive oil;

Then grind the pulp of those olives used for the production of the evo oil and adding some salt and evo oil, here is a real olive, green or black olive flavor, good for fast pasta, For color Mediterranean tartine or tasty appetizers.