Extra Virgin Olive Oil “Moonlight”

How it was born?

Moonlight is an oil that comes from the selection of our best olives, harvested exclusively at night, under the full moon of the month of October.

The fruits come from centuries-old olive groves that we grow at the Frantoio on Mount Ventolone, 350 meters high: the highest and south exposed of Arquà Petrarca.


The full moon has always brought with it mystery and curiosity, and every time we notice this event we find ourselves with the nose up, to admire that bright and impalpable sphere that gives us a sense of infinity and magic.

Over the years it has been discovered how the moon (thanks to all its phases) influences the crop, suggesting to farmers the time of sowing or harvesting.


 It’s impossible not to get involved in this event…

At Frantoio, we got caught up in the magic of the moon, and wanted to create an oil that gives to those who taste it the same sensation of wonder of a night in the moonlight.

We wanted to take advantage of this link between sky and earth and collect the olives in a precise night: the night of the first full moon in October. The harvesting period starts in October, the perfect time to start this new experience by the name Moonlight.

We harvested olives at night, away from sunlight and temperature changes: under the light of the moon. We worked them immediately to create an excellent Extra Virgin Olive Oil: an expression of perfume, taste and aroma.


Moonlight shows personality and character. It has a delicate and persistent flavor, golden green color with intense nuances.

What makes it unique is its overwhelming taste, which releases to the palate a delicate spicy and bitter note. This is why we chose to package it in a precious and elegant bottle. A packaging with an innovative concept that characterizes a product of absolute excellence of our Euganean Hills.