Liquor with olive leaves

The olive tree gives every part of itself to make the precious extra virgin olive oil (which has made the Mediterranean diet so famous in the world) and body care products.

But few perhaps know that the olive tree is also good for the spirit!

Yes, it is! We at Frantoio Evo del Borgo love to combine the knowledge of tradition with innovative and experimental ideas. We thought that even the olive tree leaves, rich in essential oils, could give us some pleasure to enjoy on special days and occasions.

Here comes the idea of a liqueur that carries within itself the essence of the olive tree.

The ancient recipe of olive leaves liqueur

The liqueur is obtained by hand following the indications of an old recipe. Everything begins with the infusion in agricultural alcohol of the olive leaves of the varieties that we grow here on the Euganean Hills: the autochthonous Rasara, Leccino and Frantoio.

At this stage the colouring substances such as chlorophyll and the aromatic substances characteristic of the olive tree are released very slowly from the leaves.

At the end of the infusion period, the infusion is brought to an alcohol content of 28 degrees, thus obtaining a liqueur that is pleasantly striking for its originality.


Characteristic dark green colour, intense and slightly cloudy. It may have a small sediment at the bottom of the bottle because we have chosen not to filter it, to avoid the loss of aromatic notes.

The liqueur has an intense fragrance, with a pleasant vegetal note. Soft, delicate and persistent on the palate, the taste reveals a slight bitterish aftertaste that recalls the olive leaf.

It is recommended to serve it fresh, between 4 °C and 8 °C in tulip-shaped goblets.
Ideal as an aperitif, for an “alternative spritz”, or at the end of a meal to refresh and cleanse the palate.

Tasted in summer it will feel like being in the middle of an olive grove on our hills.

How do you store olive leaf liqueur?

We advise, being a natural product, not to expose it to direct sunlight because the oxidative processes of direct light cause the oxidation of chlorophyll over time.

We recommend shaking it before use, as the natural deposits are not concentrated only in the final part of the product. This is the only way to fully appreciate the liqueur.