The hills and fruit trees are a perfect combination: habitat, right temperature and a bit of patience.

In the right season, you can see the colors and percives the scents of fruit trees: apricots, peaches and plums. These fruits accompanied the afternoon of our childhood and finally we found the right recipe to discover the true taste, the true flavor of the fruit, without any alteration due to sweeteners or dyes: the fruit pulp, concentrated apple juice, pectin and citric acid. Nothing more. We believe that our compositions are the fruit in jars, just ready to spread.

You can percive the real taste of the fruit: naturally sweet, just as it is composed and practically free from sugars.


We decided to offer the customer fruit compotes precisely because the difference with jams is in the ratio of quantity of sugar and fruit.

The sugar content in jams is quite high in relation to the percentage of fruit present. For compost, however, is the fruit that prevails and the product is even more genuine and suitable even for those who can not afford a diet rich in sugar.

The compotes are presented as a full-bodied fruit cream but easy to spread and this is given by the process by which they are created: the fruit is completely blended and homogeneous, without lumps or residual pieces.