It is our passion and our pride: it is the extra virgin olive oil that we produce in our oil mill of Arquà Petrarca.
We love it so much that we would like to use it for any dish, not just for dressing salads or seasoning bread!
For this reason we put it in chocolate: in our tablets the very fine cocoa is combined with the oil of our production. In this way we have reduced the less noble fats to obtain a healty chocolate that satisfies the palate!


Chocolate and extra virgin olive oil at first sight do not seem to have much in common: one sweet and the other salty, one light and the other dark, one suitable for full-bodied dishes of a banquet and the other to satisfy the palates more delicious. The extra virgin olive oil has a lot in common with chocolate!

Indeed, we can say that the extra virgin olive oil gives a lot to it. Creaminess, density and lightness at the same time. They are a pleasure for the palate!
Olive oil, especially extra virgin olive oil, makes chocolate softer, creamy and digestible.

We at Frantoio also wanted to create a tasty but modern product, being careful to ensure a NO GMO and gluten-free product, because tasty food is everyone’s.

The types of chocolate we offer are the dark chocolate bars, milk and hazelnut gianduia (piece of gianduia chocolate enriched with toasted hazelnut nuggets), the spreadable cream of hazelnuts: all based on extra virgin olive oil that makes them softer, creamy and digestible


For the sweet tooth, the hazelnut cream with gianduia, made with extra virgin olive oil and hazelnuts, is ready!

Our focus is good and healthy food. We chose hazelnuts, rich in vitamin E, to create the hazelnut cream with the addition of our EVO oil, which is a powerful anti-inflammatory, as well as a formidable antioxidant.

The result is a sin of gluttony that can be conceded without too much guilt.