From a long and focused research based on the quality and values that distinguish us, comes a collaboration between our mill and Guerzoni the Vinegar Maker from Modena.

Our dream was to give a worthy companion to our EVO OIL, at the table and in your dishes.

We found it in this special Balsamic Vinegar of Modena IGP able to bring to the table the authentic flavors of tradition.



As the historical recipe handed down from generation to generation, the balsamic vinegar is obtained with cooked wort produced by the traditional method with direct fire and wine vinegar.

The slow concentration of the wort is prolonged until it has reached a density of 1,38 at a temperature of 80°C.
In addition the vinegar has a minimum total acidity of 6% and it is realized with the Italian grapes wort specifically regulated.

But the process of obtaining it, did not end here.


To be a true Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, in addition to respect for traditional ingredients, time also wants its share.

Good things take time, patience and attention.

This is followed by a slow acetic fermentation and then a refinement in valuable wooden barrels that give it a full-bodied texture, a strong, round taste and a perfect balance between acid and sweet.

For 8-10 years it remains in barrel cellar, in fine oak barrels of 200 liters which give it a characteristic organoleptic baggage.

This is how our Balsamic Vinegar of Modena was born, with a density of 1.38.



Try it on any kind of meat, salads, fresh fruit, mature cheeses and even with ice cream! Do you want to try it alone? Just a few drops in a teaspoon to understand the tasty and unique particularity!

Chosen for its organoleptic characteristics, Balsamic Vinegar embraces and enhances the taste of EVO oil, to make every dish really special.