Production and sale of Extra virgin olive oil.


Everything was born in the ancient village of Arquà Petrarca, on the slopes of Mount Bignago, where our family, the Callegaro family, take care of all the phases of olive oil processing: from the harvesting of olives to the final extraction of olive oil, to obtain an excellent product of absolute quality.

Guaranteeing a product of superior quality is our main goal, and that is why we strive to ensure that the whole path leading to the final product is perfect.

We produce extra virgin olive oil in our mill, it is made to offer the consumer a product from a short supply chain and a true 0 km route.

Only 800 meters from our oil mill are the fields where our olive trees grow. Our day is marked by the stages of harvesting and processing.

A story that grows in the heart of the Euganean Hills, in one of the most beautiful villages of Italy.

Where excellence comes from love.

Our Products

It takes no more than 6 hours to harvest the olive and process it.

In this way we know that we can create an oil that is really an extra virgin olive oil.

The olive is treated to maintain all its organoleptic qualities, qualities that are released at the time of tasting. We decided to offer you first a sensory experience, not only food. From a simple taste you can discover not only the taste of oil, but the taste of extra virgin olive oil, the atmosphere in which the olives were born.

Our Rasara, Leccino, Pendolino and Frantoio varieties allow us to consider it really an extra-ordinary oil, so this is the reason why we decide to choose the acronym EVO (extra – virgin -olive oil) as the identifying name of our mill. We want to give to those who taste it, transparency and authenticity: our mill produces the real Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Our EVO oil comes from the pressing of the finest olives, carefully selected and cold-worked, to keep intact all its organoleptic characteristics.

We work with passion by combining the traditional method of grinding with three-wheel made of granite, with the most innovative method of mechanical crushing. Thanks to this we are able to enhance the fragrance of the oil and to produce an award-winning and recognized Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Our reality is situated in the village of the Euganean Hills area that hosted the poet Francesco Petrarca.

He described it in these words:

“vast woods of chestnut, walnut, beech, ash, oak covered the slopes of Arquà, but there were above all the vine, olive and almond that contributed to create the suggestive and typical landscape of this land”.

Right to the olive tree and to the vine, in the Frantoio Evo del Borgo, we give importance to guarantee a product of absolute quality.


The territory in which we live is the ideal environment for the growth of olive trees and, through our extra virgin olive oil, we wish to introduce in the world the fruit of these secular trees.


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