THE MILL EVO DEL BORGO, where the excellence is made with love.

An history that grow in the heart of the Euganean Hills, in one of the most beautiful medieval village of Italy.

The “Evo del Borgo” mill is located in Arquà Petrarca, a small medieval village out of Padua that famous renaissance poetry Francesco Petrarca called home.
The mill is at the base of the hill “Bignano”, in a natural area of volcanic origins.
The Callegaro family, sons, Silvia and Roberto, and father Guerrino, made of its tradition and of its passion a focus of its work.

The vineyards and olive trees located close to the historic family’s home produce high quality olive oils and wines.
In the last years, the Callegaro family have started to produce other natural products too, like fruits jams, honey, chocolate made with olive oil and cosmetics made with natural olive oil.

All products are made with passion and high quality.
Silvia and Roberto’s objective is to make their products known and to cultivate the quality of the product itself, which is followed step by step from the fruit to the end result.

Try our Moonlight oil

Extra Vergine Olive Oil DOP

Moonlight Olive Oil (Limited ed.)


The time spent between the process of the harvest and the squeeze of the olives is very short. In this way, the real Italian extravergine olive oil is created!

The olives are used at the maximum of their potential and they conserve quality and their natural aroma.

We cultivate three different kind of olives: Rasara (an indigenous variety of Arquà Petrarca Village), Leccino and Matosso.

The taste of our olives is authentic and speaks about the place, where the olives are cultivated.

It is the taste of the original and authentic italian extravergine olive oil!

It is not by chance that our Brand is Evo: Extra Vergine Olive Oil. We create our products with love and passion.

In our olive oil mill, we only use the most valuable olives and we work to preserve their organoleptic characteristics.

The Mill Evo del Borgo wants to connect the tradition of our family with modern and innovative processing techniques.

Olio con sapiente arte spremuto
Dal puro frutto degli annosi olivi,
Che cantan -pace! -in lor linguaggio muto
Degli umbri colli pei solenti clivi,
Chiaro assai più liquido cristallo,
Fragrante quale oriental unguento,
Puro come la fè che nel metallo
Concavo t’arde sull’altar d’argento,
Le tue rare virtù non furo ignote
Alle mense d’Orazio e di Varrone
Che non sdegnàr cantarti in loro note…
Gabriele D’Annunzio
Blue sky
yellow field
Blue mountain
Yellow field
Across the scorched plain
an olive tree drifts
One lone
Olive tree




Federico Garcia Lorca
It’s not only wine that sings
Olive oil sings too
It lives in us with its ripe light
And among the good things of the earth
I set apart
Olive oil,
Your ever-flowing peace, your green essence
Your heaped-up treasure which descends
In streams from the olive tree.


Pablo Neruda